Many marketing strategies get obsolete,others will have lesser importance with each new channel introduction.

The customers are becoming wiser which each scientific improvement, however they have not outgrown the email marketing channel.

A whooping 91% of email users check their mails daily, thats a rather shocking figure considering that this channel is not a buzz in marketing of today.

It might surprise people to even know that email marketing trumps social media and search in conversion rate.

Yeah, the good old email marketing!

Even with introduction of new and effective channels and strategies for achieving marketing objectives, the email marketing…

Gaining depth in growth marketing requires expertise in it’s 3 building blocks;

Channel expertise: Your ability to know operational marketing technologies like search engine optimization, search engine marketing,email marketing, product design, basic programing,etc.

These are the technical skills required to thrive as a digital marketing expert.

However, you still need to be grounded in analytics(as well as the requisite tools for testing) and excellent project management to be called a growth marketer.

I wrote an introduction of growth marketing here. Do well to check it out here.

Subsequently, I’ll be writing on core channel tools and the other brothers of…

How do Businesses know their customers 100% of the time?

For years, the answer has been really clear: They don't.

Since we understand that consumers are stochastic and work emotionally most of the times, we use different means to know who they are, their pain points and what they're doing.

A persona is often used to know who our targeted audience are and what they look like. These information helps businesses to know how to best structure their marketing effort in order to get them.

A persona is a concocted representative of an ideal customer. It is not a real…

USER CENTRIC MARKETING: Championing ease for progressive brands (CXL REVIEW)

Our world now has an influx of brands willing to embrace digital. We see it in the continuous rise in digital marketing budgets over the years. We see it in the multiple add that plagues our stories, our mobile apps,etc.

Prior to this era, startups and even existing businesses needed funds primarily for research and development, acquisition of fixed assets, working capital and traditional marketing.

But now, firms are obviously skewing from that practice to aggressively investing in driving traffic digitally and ensuring top of mind through it’s digital channels.

Every firm has heard the battle cry. In developing countries, COVID-19 has had it forcefully enshrined on our playbooks. "The need to GO DIGITAL".

Obviously, this cliche seems to be rapidly gaining traction in all sectors of businesses.While the fusion of traditional marketing and digital marketing has proven to be a beneficial design, the need to treat digital marketing with a unique approach still remains imperative.

Digital Marketing is different from other channels of marketing because of 2 main characteristics. DATA and CONTROL.


We can easily see the click through rate,open rate, engagement rate, conversion rate, reach and many…

Away from the deceptive advertising practices, and many psychological manipulation tactics used by marketers. We know they have resulted in our bad perception by many people.

Let’s talk about social proof deception !

In this write-up, I’ll be explaining astroturfing and sockpuppetier as the unethical strategy brands use to maneuver the social proof.

We see it in politics and its propaganda strategies ,but when it comes to businesses can it be tolerated as the norm?

From experience, I don’t trust people who say why they buy something.

They might not even know why they did so themselves.

Social pressure can…

Why It Will Require A Guerilla Strategy- A CXL REVIEW

I championed a research poject during my undergraduate days. It was a research to ascertain the relevance of guerilla marketing in our business approach.

The results were amazing because many scholars had done some research relating to the field also. I was blessed with knowledge from influx of professionals in the Marketing field due to the importance of guerilla marketing.

This post would mainly deal with guerilla marketing and using copy as a tool for persuation and customer engagement.

We understand the essence of Copywriting and it's power to be…

Psychology Of Products : Evolving To A Psychology Dominant Logic

Who ever postulated the theory that man can make or break a habit in 21 days must be a comedian because that's a joke!

Don't try that with products!

During my University years, one of the most captivating articles for me was centered on a service dominant logic and co creation. They came from pondits like Prahalad, Ramaswamy, vargo, lush,etc.

The concept of cocreation takes its root from the popular IKEA EFFECT (You can look up my previous posts on medium where I shared more light on it). …

Developing And Testing An Emotional

Content Strategy ( Review )

Greetings dear readers!

As a digital psychologist and marketer, it’ll be a hackneyed phase for me to say "emotions control everything".

I can boldly say I directly and indirectly preach the gospel of emotional targeting, against the logical strategies that many firms tend to employ.

And without evoking emotions, a content is dead on pre arrival and arrival!

Every type of content should have an aim to stir a particular emotion from people, else it loses its essence.

Content Marketing strategy cannot survive without any emotional inclusion. This post would…

Don’t Leave Me ( Design And Brand Positioning Principle Review)

Twitter Nigeria has been agog for weeks now, with the popular and funny "Don’t leave me challenge". Many people have used the platform to show their witty ability to formulate crazy ideas from normal word conjoining.

Don’t worry, this post is not a compendium of jokes to entertain you during this pressure filled pandemic. If you’re a business owner, employee or naturally just curious about design principles, this post is for you!

If you follow me till the end, you’ll know the foundation on which many groundbreaking persuasive content and…

Okeugo kenneth O.

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